Discover Prato

Il Duomo

Prato is located in the heart of Italy, at the foot of Apennine Mountains. It is just about an hour away from the seaside. The city is surrounded by Tuscany’s amazing natural and cultural heritage.

The city is known worldwide for its textile production and offers important artistic and historical attractions.

Visiting Prato enables you to travel through time. The artistic routes will help you discover treasures from the Etruscan and the Medieval times as well as the most exciting contemporary art. Moreover, the city is very close to some of the greatest art cities in the world: Florence, Pisa and Siena.

Prato is the third largest city by population in Central Italy and boasts many ethnic groups: people with Chinese, Arabic, Indian, Eastern European and African background. The city has expanded and flourished around positive values like welcoming and relating different cultures and has become a lively cultural melting pot.

The district of Prato consists of seven municipalities: Prato, Cantagallo, Carmignano, Montemurlo, Poggio a Caiano, Vaiano and Vernio. It includes an area of about 365 km².

Castello Imperatore