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The "PO-NET" Project

Prato Net

The Project

The PONET (Prato Net) project was developed by a number of offices in the Municipality of Prato and has as its aim the creation of an innovative system of communication between organizations and citizens.

Manager of the "Ponet" project:
Dott.ssa Rosanna Tocco - Director, Municipality of Prato


The project was promoted by the Prefecture, Province and by the Municipality itself.

The activities are orchestrated by a "project group" representing all the signing parties.
The coordination is entrusted to a small operational group made up of the Province, Prefecture and Municipality of Prato.

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The aims of Ponet project

The main aim is the creation of a telematic network (based on Internet technology), for the circulation of information and the development of growing forms of communication between organizations and citizens, stimulating the enhancement of services to the city of Prato.
The widespread proliferation of information and telematics will enable access to data banks from pre-established offices and public places located throughout the territory

The general feasibility study for the project was developed by technicians from the Municipality of Prato together with PIN s.c.r.l. (Didactic and Scientific Services for the University of Florence - Prato Section) who were entrusted with a specific task to carry out.

The civic network presents itself as a logical and coordinated dissemination of information and services as offered by the administrations involved and is open to participation, by signing the letter of agreement, to any public organisation working in the territory of Prato and its province.

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The three sub-projects of PONET project:
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So PoNet is for...

The objectives of the PoNet project are to:
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Letter of Agreement for the PONET Project

Almost all the main public bodies (or those of interest to the public) in the area of Prato have adhered to the Project by signing the Letter of Agreement for the PONET Project.

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Letter of agreement with the Tuscan Region

A letter of agreement was signed on the 31st January 1997, among all parties adhering to the PONET project with the Tuscan Region to coordinate its own activities concerning telematic networks and relative services.
The aim of the agreement is to integrate the civic network as provided for in the PONET project with the regional telematic network and, at the national level, with the Single Network of the Public Administration being set up.

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